The answers to your questions

Are the toilets and showers mixed?

The Ladies and Gents toilets are separate but the showers are communal with a communal changing area. Don't feel've seen it all before already!!

Can I bring a pet?

We cannot accept dogs or cats at the club or any pets that cannot be caged at all times.

We do however, allow registered assistance/guide dogs which must remain on a lead at all times.  Your dog must be taken off site for walks.  It is not permitted to allow your doc to defecate on the premises. 


Can I bring my Caravan?


Unfortunately we are unable due to regulations, to accept caravans.  We do welcome and can accommodate tents, camper vans, and motorhomes but we may have difficulty with the larger vans so please contact us for details before you book.


Can I just turn up for a visit?


Before visiting us you must contact us first! Failure to do this could result in disappointment in the high season


Can I swim alone in the pool?

Pool safety regulations (posted at pool) are to be strictly adhered to. The pool is unsupervised, and you are allowed to swim alone, but it is always advisable that you do have a "minder" and if so they should be 16 or over.


Can I take Photos at the club?

By permission of the Committee, personalised photography only, i.e. Partner/Own Family and must not include any other club member without their express permission. Photography of third parties, such as models, within the club grounds is strictly prohibited.


Do the children have to follow the same rules? What if they don't want to join in?

It is understood that some of the children are here because their parents bring them and not of their own choosing! The younger they start as naturists the easier it is for them to be comfortable with their body being on show and they feel no embarrassment at all. They enjoy total freedom and no wet clingy swimsuit as they emerge from the pool!

Some of them go through a stage during puberty when they are more body conscious and they tend to stay covered up for longer, but always manage to undress to use the pool!! As long as the parents are actively encouraging them to take part, then that is all we can ask. Children of any age are not forced to do anything they don't wish to do. Left alone they invariably join in anyway. They don't like to be the odd one out! NSC's other children will always make them feel welcome.

How do I know where to pitch my tent?

Tent emplacement information will be provided for the visitors on arrival and is displayed in the visitors campsite.


I am new to naturism and feel nervous about joining in. What is expected of me?

Your first visit to the club will be to look around and be shown the facilities and for you to decide if you might like to join. You are under no obligation to sign up or pay any money! You might like to return and have a second look before making a decision. During these visits you would not be expected to undress but please do so if you feel comfortable. Otherwise you will be left to take part at your own speed.

Though it has to be remembered that this is a naturist club and you will be expected to be naked whenever the weather is suitable, especially after your first few visits.

I've heard of naturist clubs being a den for swingers and sexual activities! Is this true?

Some might well be, but Nottingham Sun Club most definitely is not!!
We are a family/couples orientated club that keeps a balance of single members too. This results in there being a mix of both sexes and all ages but the emphasis is on creating a comfortable family environment.


What do we do about our rubbish?

There are some wheelie bins however, we ask that you take you rubbish home as we have no recycling facilities.  Other larger waste must be removed from site and taken to a waste disposal centre.


What happens if I want to bring children to the club, and I'm seperated / divorced or their not my children but I still want to bring them?

Children are always welcome; however we do have a problem when one parent brings a child or children to the club and the other parent objects. We simply require you to bring a formal letter signed by both 'blood' parents allowing the child or children to come to the club. All the children have to be named and duly signed by all concerned; this is for our, your, and your children's protection. A standard letter is available to download from our website. The requirement applies also to other close relative that consider bringing children to the club, i.e. Aunts, Uncles, Grand Parents etc.

What happens when I decide to join?

For the first year you become a probationary member, then if all goes well you are invited to become a full member of the club, with full voting rights.


What is the etiquette at the club?

You will be expected to have your own towel to sit on when using club and other members seating (indoor and outdoor) this is the same as other naturist environments for hygiene reasons. This is basic etiquette.


What is your policy on body piercing and tattoos?


NSC is a family club and explicit body piercing is not welcome. The same applies to sexually explicit or offensive tattoos, including genital tattoos and genital jewellery.

When do I have to remove my clothes?

The club is naturist and whilst we do expect people to remove their clothes but not necessarily immediately on arrival, but we do expect you to do so as soon as practically possible. This could be in your car, or in our small pavilion which ever is the best for you, and we do expect people to enter into the naturist ethos when it is warm. No clothes, swimwear or footwear are to be worn in the pool, showers, hot tub or sauna.


When does my membership period start?

The membership year is a full calendar year, January to December. Successful applicants applying for membership will be charged a pro rata membership fee dependant at the time of being accepted.


Will I have to do anything as to the up keep of the club? 

For your first year as a probationary member you will be asked to carry out duties and join in on the work weekends. All members are required to carry out some duties during the year to help maintain the high standards of the club facilities.



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