the last installment for the first 50 years


During 1980 Annual General Meeting a proposal That Life Membership be afforded to those members who have reached National retirement age, men 65 years, ladies 60 years, and have completed 30 years membership' was passed unanimously as it was considered a tribute to older members who had worked hard in the past to create the present excellent facilities.

The membership fees were increased by 15% at this time to allow for inflation.

The summer 1980 was poor but the Club membership was still in excess of 100 units. Some enthusiastic members completed the new fencing on the eastern boundary.  The tennis court was resurfaced by a professional contractor.  At the end of the year the committee decided to go ahead with heating the swimming pool and a heat pump was purchased at a cost of £800.

Also in 1980 the new secure Calorgas compound was completed to use in conjunction with the Club's agency for Calor gas, another service maintained by volunteer members for the good of the Club as a whole.

At the Annual General Meeting, 30th May 1982, the rules relating to the number of members selected to the Management Committee and the length of time they serve, were changed.  This is another example of how experience of managing the Club's affairs brings to notice the need to change or make additional rules to satisfy the wishes of the majority. A two-thirds majority is required to pass a change of rules.  During the history of the Club, changes of rules have continued to be of benefit but there have been occasions when experience has led to a change back to the original rule.

Club fees were again increasedby 10% at this meeting, to come into effect on 1st January. There was a proposal that two extra toilets should be provided. This was discussed and it was decided that the Management Committee should look into this. The provision of a sauna was also discussed but, on being put to the meeting, there was a large majority against this project.

In 1983 glorious weather followed a wet spring.  Members almost queued to get into the pool. Well supported social events were held, with excellent meals at such reasonable prices, followed usually by dancing.  Swimming sessions continued to be well supported during the winter months.  Membership continued to flourish. We now had 135 family units with seven more on the waiting list.  Our competitive sports teams were particularly successful during 1983 and five of our members were selected for the International Volleyball Competition, held at Duisburg in Germany.

At the Annual General Meeting, 27th May 1984, proposals were put forward by the Management Committee to provide increased indoor recreational facilities, the majority of members were in favour and after discussion it was agreed that the Management Committee would look into the various suggestions and report back at a later meeting.  Subscriptions were increased by 5% at this meeting.  Honorary Life Membership was granted to Jeff Fox, a member who had done a great deal of work towards the maintenance and improvement of the Club.  A suggestion was put forward that outside contractors should not be used for any work involving extensions of indoor recreational activities.

In 1984, during the summer, we had many hot weekends. Even so, there were still members who visited the Club infrequently. This led the Management Committee, when considering the waiting list of applicants, to admit more people this year in addition to those who had been offered full membership from the beginning of 1985.

A General Meeting held on 31st March 1985 considered estimates of probable costs of a large building in place of the teenager's hut and costs of a further extension to the pavilion. After a discussion it was agreed that the two alternatives and a proposal put forward that both should be rejected should be voted on at the Annual General Meeting. The question of providing a sauna should be considered also.

At the Annual General Meeting, 26thMay 1985, it was passed unanimously that the Club fees should be increased by 5%. The proposal that the teenager's hut be replaced by a large structure was also passed.  A 'working party'for this proposal was requested and names of volunteers noted.  A proposal that the Nottingham Sun Club should make official arrangements with Greenacres Club, whereby no charge would bemade for mutual visits by members was withdrawn after a suggestion that arrangements be left as they were on condition that there would be no request for payment or donations from Greenacres visitors as Greenacres would not accept payment or donations from our members.

During 1985 our membership reached an all time high. Thirty provisional members were accepted during the year and the waiting list had to be closed in October.  Also during the year the Club lost a long serving member, Ray Richards, who, during his 30 years membership had done so much for the wellbeing of the Club.  During 1985 Life Membership was granted to several members who had reached national retirement age and who had been members of the Club for 30 years. Those included Jack and Barbara T. who had contributed so much to the Club's growth, (ignoring Bob, Rod, Steven, Richard, Keith, Lynne and Mark) and to the facilities we have today.

In the Financial Report it was pointed out as an example of our ever increasing expenses, our rates had increased from £2209 to £2414 in the year with a larger increase due in 1986. Five eighths are borne by the chalet owners in rates calculated on the chalet area.

At the Annual General Meeting, on 4thMay 1986, after consideration of various proposals for extensions to the recreational facilities, a proposal for the provision of a sauna and related facilities, was passed.  An outline of the project was presented by the 'working group' showing provision of a sauna, toilets, a room to house the pool table and a place where a large number of members could gather and relax all under one roof. In this connection, use would be made around the area of the shower block and a further extension on the pavilion would provide a tuck shop/social committee store room.  In view of the major approval of this plan it was agreed that a sub­committee be called to investigate the feasibility of the project.

At this Annual General Meeting, Don H. was elected president of the Nottingham Sun Club in recognition of services he had rendered to the Club over many years, being Chairman many times and also efficiently chairing A.G.M.s during the recent years since David F. relinquished the office of President.

A General Meeting held on 15thJune 1986 approved by a vast majority that the project put to the meeting, 4th May 1986. This provision of more very good facilities for the Club proceeded in avery commendable manner, much talent, enthusiasm and effort was provided by a proportion of our members.  The result was that by 1988, we had a large room, carpeted, curtained, well lit and centrally heated, with tables and comfortable chairs, with room for a restored pool table and space for members to meet and relax.

We have a well equipped sauna room, the equipment donated by a member. Two new gas heated showers and a cold shower were installed and two new toilets built to relieve the long overloaded toilet block.

A header tank for an adequate supply of water, new plumbing for a hot water system and a central heating system has been installed.  There is also a small room to house the washing facilities, tumble dryer and sink.  The small extension at the rear of the pavilion provides a store for the tuck shop and catering store.  This whole project, ably led by Michael P., is another fine example of the way Nottingham Sun Club has developed over the fifty years it has been in existence.

I hope that this history, much of which was gathered from the minutes of meetings and reports produced by our Club Secretaries, Treasurers and members of our Management Committees who have served the Club well over all the years, can record something to ensure the appreciation of the efforts of so many ways towards the enjoyment of what we have today.

It began with great enthusiasm fifty years a go by a few who wished to practice naturism, in a time when it was not as accepted as it is today.  What is recorded here is only a small part of all that has happened in the Club. I have tried to record the development of the grounds and the facilities we have, with some mention of the individual members concerned and I must thank the members who having read my original script have told me of some things I had overlooked or forgotten and have now been able to record. For those whom I have forgotten, please forgive me for many members have worked towards the good of the Club in their own ways and are the backbone.

New members will know already how many activities and interests are to be found and enjoyed by those who make good use of the Club.

Enjoy the sun and the friendship and who knows what will happen in the next fifty years.