The next installment of the first 50 years of our history


Plans for building the shower block were being prepared in 1970. A climbing frame was assembled in the children's play area.

The E.M.E.B. approved of the plan to increase the supply and the necessary cable installed.

By the end of the year the new miniten court had been constructed using a shale base and a 'ready mix' concrete surface. The court surrounds were landscaped and posts and netting erected. All the work was carried out by Club members.  The membership reached 125 units during the year and it was agreed that this was a maximum number the Club grounds could support. At an Extraordinary General Meeting, 18thOctober 1970, subscription rates were discussed and the adult subscription was raised to £4 per head along with increases to children's rates and the visitor's fees.  At the same meeting a proposal that the shower block should be constructed was passed. The building work began during March 1971.

The 4th July committee meeting discussed buying chairs for the pavilion. During the same meeting concern was raised that damage had been caused to facilities and that the pavilion was not being cared for as it should have been.

Throughout the years, there has been a constant effort to improve and maintain the Club's facilities. The work usually carried out by a small proportion of the members. Even so, there are a few members who are not respecters of property. We are fortunate that throughout the history of the Club there have always been enthusiastic members who have seen that the Club did not stagnate.  To read through the Management Committee's minutes over the years is to realise that many members who have come and gone, who have constantly dealt with the many small details which go into the general running of the Club for the benefit and pleasure of the members and to the major projects which have so improved the facilities of the Club.

In 1972, the shower block, with heated showers and changing rooms came into use.  Alterations and improvements to the pavilion kitchen were undertaken.  Improvements to the teenage hut were being carried out; internal walls and ceiling were reclad.

Arrangements were in hand to use the swimming pool at Nottingham High School for Boys for Club sessions.

For many years, the Bonfire Night party has been an annual social occasion. The expenses were hopefully recovered by voluntary contributions of fireworks and latterly, cash.  The food has always been welcome in the cold and sometimes wet weather. One year it was so wet the fire would not light. In 1972, however, instead of donations it was decided to make a charge. From small beginnings these displays have become quite spectacular.

It was also in 1972 that a work schedule was prepared which required all members to do some work towards the cleaning and maintenance of the Club grounds. The upkeep of facilities is of paramount importance and the job rotas were introduced to spread the workload.

During 1973 a slide for the children's area was bought for £20. Work on the teenagers' hut was completed and brought into use.

At the Committee Meeting, 8th July 1973, it was decided that the sound of music should be reduced after midnight and that all parties should cease at 1 am.  A vote of thanks was passed to the Social Committee for organising such marvellous evenings and it was hoped that they would carry on the good work.

Panels between the pavilion and annexe were removed to make a larger area for social occasions. This led to problems of condensation which were dealt with by lining the ceiling with insulation boards.

A further change was the conversion of one of the changing rooms into a store room, to be fitted with shelves and locked. This room continued to be used as a store for the catering and later as a tuck shop.  There were plans to build a secure store for Calorgas, for which the Club is now a distributor to the members.  A washing machine and an electric floor scrubber were bought at £10 each.  The washing machine was installed in the shower block.

A question was raised about the money held by the Social Committee. This amount had been raised through their activities and was being used to provide equipment and furniture for the pavilion. It was agreed that a separate bank account should be held by the Social Committee. It was about this time that the Club's name, considered to be cumbersome, was changed from the Nottingham Sun and Air Society to the Nottingham Sun Club.

In February 1974, Chalet No. 1 was moved from the site it had occupied since 1947 to a site close to the perimeter road so that a larger camp site could be developed. Some trees had to be removed and rhododendrons, which had been planted to shelter the area, cut back, but remained for the dividing and sheltering of the camping areas.

At the Annual General Meeting, 1974, a proposition by the Secretary for the amendments and additions to the rules concerning the election and duties of the Club President was put to the meeting.  The Club's previous Presidents had been founder members of the Club and had been given the honour in appreciation of their past services.  The proposition was to make clear the rules regarding the appointment and duties of the President and to allow the election of anyone who had done good work for the Club. The proposition was carried.  It was then proposed that David F., who had done much towards the development and success of the Club, be made President, the motion was carried

During 1974 the one-way system was introduced to the approach to the car park.

At an Extraordinary General Meeting, 1st December, subscriptions were increased by 25% because of the large increase in rates and other costs to the Club. The increase was approved.

In 1975 the camping charges were increased to £2.50 per annum. At the same time, the chalet rates were raised by 60%. The six monthly Club rates were now £212.42.

In April 1975 the Chairman of the Management Committee resigned in protest at the large amount of money being spent on the miniten courts without reference to a General Meeting. £1177 had been paid to the contractor for resurfacing and extending the two miniten courts with asphalt. This had been the first time that work paid for by the Club had been done by an outside contractor. In the past, all materials had been purchased and the members had done the work.

At the Annual General Meeting, 25th May 1975, there was a ruling made regarding the appointment of Trustees for the Club shares in Tabramhill Estates Ltd. The Club now owned a great majority of the shares.

At the April 1976 Management Committee Meeting it was agreed that a member should arrange to have beer on sale for the party due to be held in August. This request and the notice placed in the teenager's hut prohibiting smoking and drinking of alcohol, highlight the gradual changes that have come about since the early years when alcohol was not allowed to be brought into the Club grounds.

At the Annual General Meeting, 30th May 1976, there was an appreciation of the late Jack Bolton, one of the original members of the Club. Recognition of Jack's efforts during his 32 years of membership during which he had been privileged to see the Club expand from its stark infancy to the present excellent facilities.  Special mention was made of his service as Secretary for 10 years.  As a tribute to his memory it was intended to plant a flowering tree and also purchase a sporting trophy, from donations made by members. Any money remaining would go to Cancer Research.  Jack had been able to enjoy his membership until shortly before his death.

The Treasurer's report drew attention to the deficit on the year's activities, money spent on the miniten courts having exceeded the income for the year. Part of the cost for the courts came out of the previous year's surplus. The General Account therefore showed a deficit of £573.  The Social Committee's account, after the previous year's profit, followed by heavy expenditure on the kitchen, was also a contributing factor.

The highlight of 1976 was that it was the third year out of four that we enjoyed wonderful summer weather, encouraging people to naturism. The result was that from July applications for membership had to be deferred.

By October 1976 all chalet owners who had applied had their chalets connected to the mains electricity.

The Social Committee was congratulated on their Medieval Evening and End of Season Concert.

At the Annual General Meeting, 6th May 1977, the subscription fees were increased by 25%. This brought family subscriptions to £15.50, couples £14.00 and single persons £7.50.

The Management Committee, 3rd July, after discussion on the sale of beer at the recent social evening, agreed that no alcohol would be sold in future.  The minutes of the committee meetings show regular decisions on the maintenance of facilities, buildings and grounds which, in 1977 including building a solid roof on the pavilion annex and recovering the whole roof. The pool entrance was redesigned.  Items listed in the accounts all showed an increase in costs. A replacement pool liner cost £290.  A regular item on the agenda was the consideration of applications for membership and the duty of interviewing applicants by Committee members.

There are also regular applications for visits to the Club by members of other Clubs, both from home and abroad.  There are also regular entries in the minutes of granted full, individual, membership to those who had been children in family membership, who were of an age to become members in their own account.

In the reports at the Annual General Meetings there are regular mentions of sports activities.  For many years there had been regular competitions within the Club like the annual miniten competition which later became the Jack Bolton Trophy. There were the inter-club tournaments, like the Percy Wilford Trophy, fought out between the Midland Region clubs. We also sent teams to the National Competitions, where we had successes for many years in the Ladies and Mixed Doubles and the Ladies Singles Miniten Championships.

Jennifer won the Ladies Single title so many times they presented her with the trophy and bought a new one.

The roll call of the Club in the National Miniten Championships is formidable:

æ Jennifer and Barbara won the Ladies Doubles four times.

æ Jennifer and Valerie won the Ladies Doubles.

æ Jennifer and Derek won the Mixed Doubles six times.

æ Kelly and Richard won the Junior Mixed.

æ Jennifer won the Singles outright.

And Nottingham has been runners up in the Men's Doubles and the Men's Singles.

Volleyball has grown nationally in the last decade. Nottingham Sun Club entered their first tournament at Valley in 1973 and won the trophy in a final against South Hants. The following year, Nottingham organised its own tournament, the Sherwood Trophy.

Over a sixteen year period Nottingham played in every final, beating teams from North Kent, Aztecs, South Hants, Five Acres, Valley and Greenacres. The finals have been games to remember with Nottingham not always coming out winners, the standard of the game has improved over the years and the Club should be proud of its record;

æ 1 England player

æ 8 England Naturist players

æ 6 National League players

æ 3 Midland League players

æ 5 County players

æ 5 Club coaches

æ 6 Referees

æ 2 National League referees

 Not bad for a Club of 130 units!

During 1977-8 the kitchen was again improved and a tumble drier installed in the shower block for use by members. This again was paid for by Social Club funds.  At a Special General Meeting, 5th November 1978, the membership fees were increased by 50%.  Negotiations for the purchase of land along our western boundary were making little progress and it was decided that the possibility of more chalet sites on our own ground would be investigated.

At the Annual General Meeting, 27th May 1979 the President referred to the retirement of Treasurer, Bill, and reiterated his remarks of the previous evening when, to mark his exceptional 30 years service as Club Treasurer, Bill had been presented with a set of travelling cases. He spoke of the meticulous way in which the accounts had been kept over the years and the occasions when funds had been made available out of 'Special Funds' thus save the Club many embarrassing moments.  As a further tribute to his many years of service the Club decided to offer Bill an Honorary Life Membership.  Also on 27th May 1979 there was a proposal that joint ownership of chalets would be permitted to alleviate problems arising from the fact that although the Club had obtained planning permission for twelve more chalets, numbered 31 to 42, it still left 20 members on the waiting list. This proposal was withdrawn for further discussion but was later approved at a Special General Meeting, 4th November 1979. This same meeting agreed to the further increase in membership fees by 15% dated from 1st January 1980.

This quote from the Secretary's Report for 1979 records the event of 1979. "The 40thAnniversary of the Club was celebrated at Spring Bank Holiday. Newer members were able to see and hear about the formation of the Club and the work carried out by its members to provide the facilities we enjoy today. Such a wonderful Club, acknowledged to be one of the best in the country, could only be achieved by everyone working together with only one purpose in mind - the maximum enjoyment of a naturist environment."  Number 1 miniten court was resurfaced in 1979 when the concrete began breaking up.

At the Annual General Meeting a proposal that the camping rule, 'campers must move their tents at least every sixteen days to prevent fouling the grass' be deleted. The proposal was submitted because, in the view of the increased number of campers, it was not practical to move tents every sixteen days. The rule change was passed unanimously. This is evidence of how much camping has increased.

The camp site has become a very pleasant and active area of the Club's activities which increased the overnight capacity of the Club. The camping community includes many hard workers for the Club's welfare. Many of the present chalet owners served their time as campers.