Our History


The committee, at their 31stAugust 1958 meeting, passed a resolution to build a second shower on the south side of the grounds.

More rhododendrons were planted to give shelter and screening in areas exposed to the weather and 'peeping-Toms'. The frequently used camping area shower could be seen from the five-bar gate at the Club entrance. Landscaping of the grounds continued. Slight breaks and pathways give an impression that the grounds are much larger than five acres.

A sunbathing area was cleared of rhododendrons behind the present pavilion and the roots were replanted around the boundary.

In the early 1950s the tennis court project took shape. The land sloped and had a surface of bracken peat and covered with strong growing bracken. Clearing the site involved consider able labour with shovels and wheel barrows and it remained a sandy site for a time because the expense of constructing a tennis court was beyond the Club's financial resources.

The area then became the children's playground. Dens and tunnels appeared, no doubt inspired by the Colditz stories. There came a time when the tunnelling exploits had to cease when it was discovered that one such tunnel went under the road over which cars were being driven.

There was one occasion when, after a heavy fall of snow, snowballing and a nudist snowball battle took place on the cleared ground.

Being close to the only water tap, an inflatable paddling pool, loaned by a member, was set up on the site and used by the children.

During 1955 it was decided that playing volleyball on the new miniten court during the winter would ruin the surface. The decision was taken to finally level the tennis court area and use part of it for volleyball.

A paddling pool was being planned in October 1955 to be built on the site of the sand pit near the present swimming pool; the sand pit to be moved nearer to the swings.

At the Committee Meeting, 15th September 1957, it was decided to mark out a children's playground next to the volleyball court on the tennis court area. A play area already existed for children at a spot where the parallel bars stood till recently. Close to the bars were two swings and a see-saw.

Although mains water had been piped to the club the supply was inadequate and usually failed in times of high demand. During 1956, correspondence between the Club, our neighbours and Basford R.D.C. regarding a new water main, began. Some years later the new main was installed resulting in the improved water supply we have today.

It was during 1955 that Bernard Holmes was elected President of the Society, in appreciation of the many years of service he had given to the Society and for his part in founding it.

Percy Wilford was granted an Honorary Life Membership for his part of founding the Society at Wood Nook. When Percy found that cycling from his home in Newark was getting difficult, he founded another club closer to home which became the East Midland Sunfolk.

It was late in 1955 when the Planning Sub-committee began making enquiries and seeking advice with the view to building a new pavilion. Shortage of money led to plans being made to erect a structure using second hand material.